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Music and Life: Finding the Perfect Music for Driving

Nothing embodies the American Spirit of untethered freedom more than driving for long distances down the open highway in the quintessential American “road trip.” Part of this journey that most citizens of the United States will take at least once in their lifetime involves preparation for the trip, including making sure that all supplies (including a spare tire and...

How to Build a Guitar Starting from a Piece of Wood

A fun and unique project that can be created with a little bit of creative ingenuity, some plywood, and a few power tools such as a miter saw, and a little bit of time is that of building an acoustic guitar from scratch. There are quite a few ways to do this, and thanks to the mass dissemination of...

A Night to Remember

What a night it was. We screened the film for about 900 music fans in a downtown Austin park called Republic Square. The film was show in near perfect conditions after a very hot summer day. The day started with five different music acts bravely playing their sets to an ever growing crowd in the Texas heat. Starting with...

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